ANNULMENT by Terence E. Tierney ($11.95)*

ALBA: 0-8189-0667-7

AN ANNULMENT IS A CHURCH DECLARATION that this or that particular "marriage," because of some defect, was never actually a marriage as understood by the Church and codified in its laws. Therefore, the Church states in the annulment decree that the parties to the union are free to marry someone else. There is nothing automatic or simple, however, in the process to obtain an annulment. Simply because a case is introduced does not mean that the marriage will be annulled. Each case must be judged on its own merits, and proofs must be exhibited. This book, intended for lay persons, was written to enable them to comprehend with ease some of the legal intricacies involved and to help them judge with some degree of confidence if they have a case. At the same time, the work is of practical, solid importance to professional people (priests, lawyers, clerical associates and guidance counselors) who may play a role in annulment proceedings. As an up-to-date tool which takes into consideration current Canon Law and tribunal procedure, this book affords a working guideline for the proper presentation of a case, thus meeting a timely need in view of the painfully increasing number of petitions for annulment being presented today for adjudication.

About the Authors: Terence E. Tierney holds degrees in Philosophy and Canon Law from Catholic University of America. Joseph J. Campo, for over ten years a practicing member of the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of New York, holds a Licentiate in Canon Law from St. Paul's University in Ottawa, Ontario.

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