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WORD IN SEASON, A by William F. Maestri ($6.95)

ALBA: 0-8189-0459-3

Read these gems and your homilies will sparkle with added lustre. Your talks on baptism, communion, reconciliation, confirmation, matrimony, priesthood, healing and death will be given an ultra sharp edge. Your presentation on those special occasions, such as the opening of the school year, graduations, religious professions, and civil holidays will be given new twists. The one homily presented here on suicide should be on every preacher's shelf since this tragic reality is today all too common and one of the most difficult topics for a preacher to adequately handle.

"Father Maestri has clearly worked hard to be a professional with his homilies and he has done all of us a service by sharing his professionalism with us." Fr. Andrew Greeley

Father William F. Maestri is professor of philosophy at the New Orleans archdiocesan seminary, St. Joseph College, and teaches medical ethics at Charity Hospital. He is chaplain at Mercy Academy and is involved in parish ministry at Saints Peter and Paul Church. He is active in adult religious education programs throughout the archdiocese, and is the author of The God For Every Day, A Time to Be (Re)Born, and A Time for Peace.

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