CONTEMPORARY CELTIC PRAYER BOOK by William John Fitzgerald ($9.95)

ACTA: 0-87946-219-1


A unique prpaer book that captures the flavor and sensibility of traditional Celtic spirituality for today's Christian. A simplified Liturgy of the Hours offers morning, mid-day and evening prayers, and is followed by a treasury of Celtic prayers, blessings, and rituals for a variety of ordinary and special occasions. As Joyce Rupp notes in her Foreword: "Like the Celts of long ago, who took the many threads of their ordinary, daily lives and wove prayer into the rising, working, sleeping, dreaming, so William Fitzgerald has interlaced the commonness of our lives with the imminent presence of divinity.


William John Fitzgerald, a Catholic priest and the author of many books, resides at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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