TRAVELLER'S PRAYER by John Renbourn ($17.98)

SHAN: 78018

Begun in Dublin eight years ago, Traveller's Prayer features Renbourn's settings for new and traditional compositions, marrying Irish melodies with English harmonies, and pushing beyond the boundaries of both traditions to create an intricate, multi-colored whole. On guitar, Renbourn's playing is beautiful, graceful perfection, blending influences from blues, jazz, medieval, middle eastern and classical musics - but more than any of his previous albums, Traveller's Prayer creates the sound of a delicately arranged ensemble, with Renbourn scoring parts for clarinet, recorder, flute, fiddle, and vocal quartet.

" John Renbourn's name has always been synonymous with acoustic guitar since my days playing folk guitar back in the Seventies. I believe this collection is a wonderful compilation of Renbourn at his best!" - Deacon Sil Galvan

1. Bunyan's Hymn (Monks Gate)
2. When the Wind Begins To Sing
3. Wexford Lullaby
4. I Saw Three Ships/Newgate Hornpipe
5. Planxty Llanthony/Loftus Jones
6. Fagottanz
7. At the Break Of Day
8. Traveller's Prayer
9. South/Feathered Nest
10. Estampie

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