FORMED FROM THIS EARTH from Weston Priory ($14.95)

WP: 3050

1993: "As we celebrate our fortieth anniversary as a community, we dedicate this recording with thankfulness to all those men and women whose friendship has enabled us to share our life and witness with so many others."

Selections include:
  1. Children of Earth (Psalm 8) 3:37
  2. With All Good Gifts 3:51
  3. Walk Along the Pathways 2:44
  4. Who Shall Dwell in Your Tent? 3:36
  5. Those Who Love 4:48
  6. Glory to God on Earth 3:06
  1. Formed From This Earth 3:52
  2. House of Jacob and of Rachel 3:08
  3. God Ever New 4:18
  4. We Are Salt for the Earth 2:55
  5. O Healer of All Life 3:10
  6. Now is the Time of Gathering 2:51
These songs are available on Stereo Cassette or Compact Disc. A guitar book (which contains the guitar chords, melody and words of the recording) and an organ book (contains the organ/piano accompaniment and the words) are also available. If ordering more than one item, please use the text box provided on the order form. If necessary, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order and will not be reflected on your receipt. Prices are as follows:

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