WHO CALLS YOU BY NAME (Volume 2) by David Haas ($25.95)

GIA: 257

Like the first collection, this volume from David Haas provides hymns, songs, psalms, acclamations, and litanies for the seasons and rites of the RCIA. Contains music for the rite of acceptance, election/sending, the scrutinies, the Easter Vigil, and the period of mystagogia. Unique to Volume II are some models of how music can help amplify the Liturgy of the Word, especially during the period of purification and enlightenment (Lent), with the powerful scrutiny gospels. Also includes acclamations to accompany the catechumens and candidates as they go forth to break open the word, music for catechetical sessions, and music for the great period of mystagogia.

Also unique to this collection is a third edition for readers and musicians, containing the three gospel dramatizations of the scrutiny gospels. This edition includes the full text and music for those dramatizations, plus background material and directions (they do not appear in the music collection).


Available as follows:
  1. Music book: $12.95 (list: $14.95)(G3622)
  2. Choir Book: $4.95 (list: $6)(G3622C)
  3. Presider's Edition: $4.95 (list: $6)(G3622P)
  4. Double CD: $22.95 (list: $25.95)(CD-257)
  5. Double Cassette: $17.95 (list: $19.95)(CS-257)

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