ALL ARE WELCOME by Marty Haugen ($16.95)

GIA: 327

The title hymn here is a song of gathering and therefore a natural outgrowth of Haugen's widely known Gather Us In. On the Journey to Emmaus is an arrangement of the Gaelic tune COLUMCILLE. The gospel-style Bread to Share rounds out the collection.


  1. All Are Welcome (G4166: $1.60);
  2. Come, O Come, Let Us Sing (Venite)(G4275: $1.10);
  3. In the Morning, I Will Sing (G4276: $1.30);
  4. Now Bless the God of Israel (G4134: $1.10);
  5. Te Deum (G4277: $1.30);
  6. Abundant Life (G4281: $1.20);
  7. On the Journey to Emmaus (G4278: $1.40);
  8. Bread to Share (G4279: $1.30);
  9. Springs of Water (G4135: $0.90);
  10. I Will Walk in the Presence of God (G4282: $1.00);
  11. God of the Sparrow (G4283: $1.20);
  12. Pues Si Vivimos/If We Are Living (G4280: $1.10); and,
  13. The Hand of God Shall Hold You (G4284: $1.30)
Available as a compact disc, cassette for $9.95 (list: $10.95), music collection (set of all 13 octavos listed above) for $9.95 (list: $12) or guitar/melody edition for $4.95 (list: $5.95).

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