NEAR OCCASIONS OF GRACE by Richard Rohr ($14)

ORB: 0-88344-852-1

Distilling the insights of more than 20 years as a spiritual director, Rorh explores the challenge of authentic spiritual life in our culture and leads readers on a journey of spiritual discovery, examining the meaning of the incarnation, the "holiness of sexuality, " the challenge of community, the future of religious life, and the daily challenge of faith, hope, and charity.

Table of Contents:
1God's Good News: Meditations on Jesus1
The Energy of Promise1
Remembering the Future3
Word Made Flesh5
To Be Jesus Resurrected7
2Conversion: From Self-Actualization to Self-Transcendence10
3Pure Passion: The Holiness of Human Sexuality22
Embodied Spirit22
An Appetite for Wholeness33
Marriage and Celibacy41
4Community: God's Strategy for the Reluctant Church47
Building Family47
Charting Community Growth53
Authors of Life Together61
5To Care and Not to Care: The Future of Religious Life68
6A Life Pure and Simple: Reflections on St. Francis of Assisi80
7Near Occasions of Grace94
Utterly Different and Exactly the Same94
Naming Despair97
Risking Reconciliation100
8Out of a Prayerful Heart: An Interview with Richard Rohr105

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