WINTER NAME OF GOD by J. Michael Joncas ($16.95)+

GIA: 192


  1. Tableprayer: The Winter Name of God (G3213: $1.40);
  2. I Sing a Maid (G3139: $1.00);
  3. Psallite Mass (G3476: $3.50):
  4. Not for Tongues of Heaven's Angels (G3158: $1.40);
  5. My Soul Is Thirsting (G3218: $1.20); and,
  6. Advent Alleluia (G3157: $1.20)
Several editions of the Psallite Mass are also available as follows:
  1. Christmas Season Prefaces and Eucharistic Prayer for Accompanist: $4.95 (list: $5.95)(G3476EP);
  2. Presider's Altar Copy: $4.95 (list: $6)(G3476P);
  3. Congregation Card: $.50 (G593F);
  4. Instrumental Parts for "Lord, Have Mercy" and "Lamb of God" for two violins, viola, cello, bass, flute, two horns, bassoon and harp: $14.95 (list: $18.00)(G3215INST)
Available as a compact disc or as a cassette [$9.95 list: $10.95]. Songbook is also available [$7.95 list: $8.95], as well as the choral arrangements with prices noted above. Please specify your preference when ordering. If ordering the cassette, songbook or chorals, the prices will be adjusted upon receipt of your order. If ordering more than one item, please use the text box provided on the order form. If ordering 10 or more chorals, receive 15% off those prices.

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