SPIRIT OF MALIA, THE (with Haas, Haugen, Joncas et al)($16.95)

GIA: 414

The small parish of Malia Puka O'Kalani (Hawaiian for Mary, Gate of Heaven) has been a source of inspiration for many of our best composers over the years. Several of GIA's top-selling titles found their genesis at Malia and were first sung at this parish. This recording compiles much of this music--a true tribute to the community. All royalties from the sale of this recording will go directly to benefit Malia, to help the parish and to encourage the work they have begun.

What makes Malia so special?

Malia Puka O'Kalani is a place where the traditions of Hawaii have been able to sustain a distinct identity. Located in the small community of Keaukaha on the edge of Hilo, on land set aside for native Hawaiians known as the Hawaiian Homelands, Malia is a place where the rich culture and traditions of Hawaii have been kept alive.

In 1972 the parish was on the verge of closing; however, thanks to Father DeCosta and a small group of dedicated parishioners, Malia is now a bustling parish serving the community in a myriad of ways.

One of the remarkable accomplishments of Malia has been the Big Island Liturgy and Arts Conference. This conference has attracted many of today's brightest and best known composers and artists, including those featured on this marvelous recording.

Hear the spirit of what has inspired these great composers!


  1. E Haku I Ka Pu'u Wai (Weave One Heart) - Marty Haugen and Joe Camacho: $1.20 (G5069);
  2. Kahaku E' - Joe Camacho;
  3. You Are the Presence - David Haas: $1.30 (G3506);
  4. I Am for You - Rory Cooney: $1.40 (G3967);
  5. One Ohana - Marty Haugen;
  6. Lay Hands upon Us - Rob Glover: $1.20 (G4591);
  7. Song of the Body of Christ - David Haas: $1.40 (G3360);
  8. The Storyteller - Marty Haugen;
  9. We Will Drink the Cup - David Haas: $.90 (G3664);
  10. We Come to Your Feast - Michael Joncas: $1.40 (G4270);
  11. Servant Song - Bobby Fisher: $1.10 (G3730);
  12. Song over the Waters - Marty Haugen;
  13. E Na Lima Hana (The Working Hands) - David Haas: $1.20 (G4735)
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