WATER, WIND AND SOUL by Jeanne Cotter ($16.95)

GIA: 374

A wonderfully meditative instrumental recording featuring piano and a variety of other instruments - from the lilting soprano sax to the spicy samba flute and the haunting sounds of the tin whistle, as only Jeanne can do it. Influenced by the psalms. Water, Wind and Soul draws the listener inward, to that place of quiet and beauty within each of us. Includes:
  1. We Are God's People (Psalm 100);
  2. The Lord Is My Light (Psalm 127);
  3. To You, O Lord (Psalm 25);
  4. The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Psalm 103);
  5. Be With Me, Lord (Psalm 91);
  6. Let Us Go Rejoicing (Psalm 122);
  7. With the Lord, There Is Mercy (Psalm 130);
  8. If Today You Hear His Voice (Psalm 63);
  9. Lord, Show Us Your Mercy (Psalm 85);
  10. Lord, You Have the Words (Psalm 19); and,
  11. My Soul Is Thirsting (Psalm 63)
Available as a compact disc or cassette ($9.95 $10.95). Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering the cassette, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be shown on your program-generated receipt.
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