JOY ON EARTH from Taize ($16.95)+

GIA: 443

"What can be done to revitalize singing in our churches?" is a question heard week after week at the intercontinental meetings of young adults in Taizé. For many years, the Brothers of the Taizé Community have answered this question with songs for prayer that feature short, easy-to-learn, thoughtful refrains for the people.

Joy on Earth is the newest recording of these prayerful works, employing only English and Latin, and intended for persons in English-speaking countries. In the Taizé tradition, this recording reproduces the atmosphere of prayer in the Taizé Community. The first part presents an Evening Prayer at Taizé, while the second part features more recent songs, including several specifically intended for the celebration of the Eucharist.

All but two titles recorded on Joy on Earth are found in the new Taizé collection Songs for Prayer (G-4956). This recording contains the new English verses and instrumental accompaniments as found in Songs for Prayer. Songs for Prayer is a major collection of music from Taizé - 82 ostinatos and responses, canons, acclamations, litanies, psalms - and a musical setting of the Eucharist in Latin and English composed for the Community of Taizé by Joseph Gelineau, SJ. Many of the older Taizé standards are included here in revised versions together with many new chants appearing for the first time in an American edition. Includes extensive notes on how to perform the pieces. Thoroughly indexed to assist communities in the use of these songs throughout the church year. Also includes an index to show on which of the many Taizé recordings each of the pieces in this collection may be found. The vocal edition contains all SATB harmony and cantor verses, along with keyboard accompaniments and guitar chords. This collection, which represents the current repertoire used at Taizé, also includes the final installments of music for Taizé written by the late Jacques Berthier.


  1. Laudate Dominum
  2. Wait for the Lord
  3. Alleluia 17
  4. We Adore You, Lord Jesus Christ
  5. Kyrie eleison 17
  6. There Can Be No Greater Love
  7. Heavens Sing with Gladness
  8. Stay with Me
  9. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison
  10. Glory to God in the Highest
  11. Apostles' Creed
  12. Holy, Holy, Holy
  13. Memorial Acclamation
  14. Our Father
  15. Agnus Dei, dona nobis pacem
  16. Jesus the Lord Is Risen
  17. Where There Is Charity
  18. Veni Sancte Spiritus
  19. Our Soul Is Waiting
  20. This Is the Day
  21. Let Your Servant Now Go in Peace.
Songs for Prayer is also available in the following formats:
  1. Standard Binding: $8.95 (list: $10.50)(G4956)
  2. Spiral Binding: $9.95 (list: $11.95)(G4956S)
  3. Assembly Edition: $3.95 (list: $4.50)(G4956P)
  4. Instrumental Edition with Spiral Binding: $14.95 (list: $16.95)(G4956A)
The Assembly Edition includes all of the basic refrains, canons and litanies printed in harmony. The Instrumental Edition contains assorted accompaniment, solo and ensemble parts for various instruments.

Available as a compact disc or cassette ($9.95 $10.95). The Music Collection , which includes almost all of the selections on this recording, is also available as noted above. Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering the cassette or any songbook, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be shown on your program-generated receipt. If ordering more than one item, please use the text box provided on the order form.

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