VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS from Taize ($16.95)

GIA: 325

Solo verses in eighteen languages. Includes:
  1. Veni Lumen (Come, Light Our Hearts);
  2. Toi, Tu Nous Aimes (You Love Us);
  3. Alleluia (Zagorsk);
  4. Tui Amoris Ignem (Kindle the Fire of Your Love);
  5. Jubilate Coeli (Heavens Rejoice);
  6. Misericordias Domini (I Will Sing);
  7. Alleluia;
  8. Crucem Tuam (O Lord, Your Cross);
  9. Veni Sancte, Spiritus (Come, Holy Spirit);
  10. O Christ, Le Fils du Dieu Vivant (Son of the Living God);
  11. Herr, Wohin (Lord, Where Should We Go?);
  12. C'est Toi ma Lampe, Seigneur (O Lord, You Are My Lamp);
  13. Sanctum Nomen Domini (Holy Is the Name of God);
  14. Gospodi (Lord, Have Compassion);
  15. Spiritus Jesu Christi (The Spirit of Christ Jesus);
  16. Da Pacem, In Diebus (Give Peace in Our Days);
  17. In Te Confido (I Trust In You)
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