THERE IS ONE AMONG US from the Iona Community ($16.95)

GIA: 460

Let the people sing! With this collection, that's exactly what they'll do! Following the success of Come All You People, John Bell and the Iona Community present a second collection of shorter songs for worship. The songs of There Is One among Us help us to strengthen our prayer by allowing everyone in an assembly or crowd to sing short, easy-to-learn pieces in harmony, without accompaniment.

This collection, in the Iona tradition, features songs from around the world as well as several original compositions by John L. Bell. There Is One among Us features an "Alleluia" by Norah Duncan IV of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Detroit. "We Will Take What You Offer" is a lively communion song for congregations, while "The Peace of the Earth" is a beautiful song of blessing from Guatemala.

Accompanying each song in the music collection is an indication of how it may be used in creative liturgy. Also, the book concludes with a number of prayers that may be used in conjunction with the songs.


  1. Alleluia
  2. Bless the Lord
  3. Kyrie Eleison
  4. Lo, I Am with You
  5. Magnificat
  6. First Born of Mary
  7. This Is the Body of Christ
  8. Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
  9. Nothing in Height
  10. Ameni
  11. Give Thanks, Worship, and Praise to the Lord
  12. Deo Gratias
  13. My Eyes Are Dim with Weeping
  14. Lord of Life
  15. Be Still and Know
  16. Hallelujah
  17. There Is One Among Us
  18. Bring Your Best to Their Worst
  19. In Love You Summon: $1.00 (G-5285)
  20. We Will Take What You Offer
  21. The Peace of the Earth
Available as a compact disc or cassette [$9.95 ($10.95)]. A Music Collection also available [$6.95 (list: $7.95)] as well as the one choral noted above. Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering the cassette, music collection or choral, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be shown on your program-generated receipt. If ordering more than one item, please use the text box provided on the order form.

This ecumenical community of men and women was founded in Scotland in 1938--during the depths of the Great Depression and amid prospects of war. The founder, George MacLeod, was an inner city minister appalled by the lack of impact the church had on the lives of those most hard-hit by economic and political events.

MacLeod believed that ministers would understand little of working people until the ways of training clergy were changed. So in 1938, he set off to the remote island of Iona with a half dozen young clergy and a half-dozen craftsmen to rebuild a 1,000-year-old historic abbey that had fallen into disuse. This effort would serve as a tangible sign of the unity of worship and work, church and industry, spiritual and material. Craftsmen and clergy worked as one to create what is now called the Iona Community. As a vital part of their work, and as the community grew, its members returned to the inner city to build housing and to experiment with different patterns of Christian life. The main tenets of the community became peace and justice, work and a new economic order, and community and celebration.<.p>

Today, the community is led by 200 men and women who reside mainly in Britain, but also in Africa, Australia, India, and North America. Although the community comes under the auspices of the Church of Scotland, its members are drawn from many Christian denominations, Protestant and Roman Catholic. And as with the community of Taizé, thousands journey to Iona every year for spiritual growth.

Composed by John L. Bell with the help of the Wild Goose Worship Group, this music embodies the values of the Iona Community. The lyrics are immediate and relevant; the music is simple and elegant--with spare or no accompaniments. The tunes are either newly composed, based on traditional hymns and folk songs, or-in the case of Many & Great and Sent by the Lord--assembled by Iona from around the world.

Each collection has been published in an American edition with new engravings (interlining all text and music) and performance suggestions for every song. Each song must pass the critical muster of the Wild Goose Worship Group before being included in a collection. The Wild Goose Worship Group--the Wild Goose is a Celtic symbol of the Holy Spirit--also serves as the performing group on all Iona recordings. And all of the recordings are faithful to the clarity, immediacy, and simplicity that are so central to the music from Iona. This is ideal congregational music.

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