BEST OF THE DAMEANS, Volume 1 ($16.95)

GIA: 408

  1. Shout Out Your Joy
  2. Beginning Today
  3. The Lord Is Near
  4. Speak, Lord
  5. Without Clouds
  6. Sing Out His Goodness
  7. My Soul Rejoices
  8. The New Creation
  9. Love Is Forever
  10. Song of Thanksgiving
  11. Sing Alleluia
  12. Come, O Lord
  13. All That We Have
  14. The Love of God Will Rise before the Son
  15. Remember Your Love
  16. Rainbow
  17. Service
  18. Beatitudes
  19. Look Beyond
  20. We Praise You Everyday
Available as a compact disc or cassette ($9.95 $10.95). Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering the cassette, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be shown on your program-generated receipt.
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