PROMISED LAND (Genesis to Judges) on CD-ROM (from Harmony Media)


The Promised Land
A Catechism Made Simple
  on CD-ROM

Journey through the Old Testament from the Creation to the early struggles of God's Chosen People. This CD-ROM covers the lives of  Adam and Eve all the way through to the death of Samson and the time of Judges. In it you will learn about Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses and others as they do their part to fulfill God's will to bring all  mankind to the Promised Land.

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Catechism Made Simple

Scripture and Catechism

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Scripture is narrated and in text form while an animated illustration is running. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is referenced to help explain the deeper importance of the Old Testament stories. You can also open up a glossary for detailed descriptions of  people, places and things.


Contains maps that show the movements of The Chosen People.

Animated Illustrations

Includes interactive animations initiated by the rollover of triggers. For instance you would roll over the city to begin its destruction. Or you could bump the side to see Abraham watching the fire burn.

Quizzes and Tests

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Quizzes will help you to see how much you have learned.

Promised Land
A Catechism Made Simple
ISBN: 1-890906-15-8
Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $16.95

System Requirements:
386 or higher, 8MB RAM, Windows 95,98,NT, SuperVGA graphics card, monitor with 16 Bit high color, 16 Bit sound card and speakers are needed for audio and CD-ROM Drive.

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