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Subtitled "Preaching Among Exiles". A powerful perspective on preaching that speaks to our society's sense of being in exile without a home. These essays argue for a dynamic transformation to take place in preaching that proclaims a spiritual home for all people. This is a book which details Brueggemann's own rethinking of the art of preaching to meet the challenges of today's society. A dynamic change in the way we preach will allow us to help many of today's lost people find their spiritual home. And, Brueggemann maintains, there is such a home for all people.

"No contemporary interpreter of scripture fuels the imagination like Brueggemann. At every turn in his well-crafted argument, Walter Brueggemann excites with his insights, his listening to texts, his ability to name our present context and to give us the courage to speak boldly to the church in exile. Cadences of Home is a great gift to us preachers." - --William H. Willimon, Dean of the Chapel and Professor of Christian Ministry, Duke University

"Vintage Brueggemann! . . . Walter Brueggemann boldly declares that the contemporary church is in a situation of exile comparable to that of Israel in Babylonia .... In a daring move, he believes that de-centeredness offers the church an opportunity for a fresh and transforming encounter with God, and for a faithfulness that the church has not manifested in a generation or more." - Ronald J. Allen, Associate Professor of Preaching and New Testament, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Only Walter Brueggemann could have taught us how to relearn habits of truthful Speech by attending to the text of the Old Testament .... He restores the Old Testament for Christian preaching. I thank God for Walter Brueggemann." - Stanley Hauerwas, Professor of Divinity and Law, Duke University

WALTER BRUEGGEMANN is Professor of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary and author or coauthor of ten books published by Westminster John Knox Press including Genesis (Interpretation series) and the best-seller The Bible Makes Sense.

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