BOOK OF PULPIT HUMOR (from Sunday Sermons)+


The Sunday Sermons Book of Pulpit Humor
Volumes I & II

- Providing you with a huge supply of humorous stories, anecdotes and witticisms
- All guaranteed "eye openers" that are sure to delight your congregation!

Recognized as "a master of the use of humor in preaching,"** Sunday Sermons Editor-in-Chief James F. Colaianni has prepared this outstanding collection of more than one-thousand full-fledged humorous illustrations, each guaranteed to generate favorable congregational response ranging from belly-laughs to appreciative, satisfying smiles!

Topics in the Sunday Sermons Book of Pulpit Humor includes almost two-thousand entries.

You won't find the typical "one-liners," stale fluff, fillers or outdated jokes in this collection. Our editor has been sure to include only usable, pulpit­tested material-the kind of material that Sunday Sermons subscribers have relied upon for twenty­five years!

Here are some of the unique features of this collection:
  1. Indexed: Hundreds of topics are included in the exhaustive Topical Index;
  2. Pulpit tested: Each of these gems has proven effective when used and adapted by preachers in actual worship services;
  3. Deluxe Spiral Edition: This new collection has been manufactured for hard, daily use. Plenty of margin area and space for personal notations.

SUNDAY SERMONS established its international reputation as the leading source of contemporary full-text sermons in 1970. Heralded for creativity and freshness, SUNDAY SERMONS has maintained its position with more than 30 years of careful research, resulting in evocative anecdotes, illustrations and commentaries faithful to Biblical texts.

Thousands of preachers worldwide use SUNDAY SERMONS each week as their prime pulpit resource. The universal appeal in the approach and dramatic style of these homilies is evidenced by the fact that the SUNDAY SERMONS' family of subscribers includes preachers representing a diversity of denominations in 20 different countries.

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  1. Volume 1 (Print only): $39.95
  2. Volume 1 (CD-ROM only): $39.95
  3. Volume 1 (Print and CD-ROM): $49.95
  4. Volume 2 (Print only): $39.95
  5. Volume 2 (CD-ROM only): $39.95
  6. Volume 2 (Print and CD-ROM): $49.95
  7. Both volumes (Print only): $79.90
  8. Both volumes (CD-ROM only): $79.90
  9. Both volumes (Print and CD-ROM): $99.90

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