BOOK OF FAMILY SERMONS (from Sunday Sermons)($24.95)


The Book of Family Sermons
* * * Seventeen full- text Sunday Sermons
* * * Including dozens of powerful, point-making sermon illustrations

"In God's Design, the building of the Kingdom is a family affair!" Over the past several years, we have received numerous requests for special sermons on many different subjects. Leading the list, by far, is the subject of family. That is why we are especially pleased to offer to preachers everywhere this Limited Edition volume of seventeen full-text "family" sermons.

In these sermons, the sheer joy that flows from sincere Christian family relationships is affirmed, of course. At the same time, certain misguided, pietistic, glowing images of every day Christian family life are divested of their unrealism. Here then are realistic (in the Gospel sense) expositions of the humanity and the sacrifice and the anguish and the other-centered love that go into the making of a genuinely happy household. All in the larger context of God's creative intention for the human family to mirror-image the Divine. The New Testament blueprint for family living is rooted in Jesus' revelation of the awesome Mystery of Divine Life: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Seventeen full-text sermons teeming with powerful, point-making, attention-getting illustrations your congregation will appreciate, learn from and remember. Includes four sermons on the Father, three on the Son, two on the Spirit and 8 on the Human Family. A great value at $24.95 (which comes to less than $1.50 per sermon!

SUNDAY SERMONS established its international reputation as the leading source of contemporary full-text sermons in 1970. Heralded for creativity and freshness, SUNDAY SERMONS has maintained its position with more than 30 years of careful research, resulting in evocative anecdotes, illustrations and commentaries faithful to Biblical texts.

Thousands of preachers worldwide use SUNDAY SERMONS each week as their prime pulpit resource. The universal appeal in the approach and dramatic style of these homilies is evidenced by the fact that the SUNDAY SERMONS' family of subscribers includes preachers representing a diversity of denominations in 20 different countries.

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