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Children of the World design is available in either ivory or green. Chasubles come with design in your choice of the following:
  1. "Y" Shaped Panels (shown with White Tudor Rose Bemberg design),
  2. "V" Shaped Panel (shown with Green Bernini Tapestry design),
  3. Straight Panels (Front and Back),
  4. Straight Panels (Front and Back) with Neck Panel (shown with Green Bernini Tapestry design) and
  5. Straight Panels with Border and Cowl Neck (shown with Green Bernini Tapestry design).

Dalmatics come with tapestry in either Vertical Bands (shown with Green Coronation Tapestry) or Vertical and Horizontal Bands (shown with White Tudor Rose Bemberg design).

Priest/Minister's Stoles are available with Full Fabric (shown left), Chest Panels (shown with Red Coronation Tapestry)or Knee Panels (shown with Bernini Tapestry). Priest/Minister's Stole comes with tassels (shown left) and Deacon's stoles come either with or without tassels.

Copes (shown with Green Bernini Tapestry design) available with Full Fabric, Front Panels with Full Tapestry Flat Hood (shown with Green Bernini Tapestry design) or Front Panels with Cross Shaped Panels on Hood (shown with White Tudor Rose Bemberg design).

Altar Antependia measures 32" x 72" and Lectern Scarf is 24" x 60". Perfect for baptisms or children's liturgies/services.

Prices and options are as follows:

  1. Priest/Minister Stole (Full Fabric): $159.95 (list: $175)(#CWS5006 or CWL5007)
  2. Priest/Minister Stole (Chest Panels): $114.95 (list: $125)(#5071)
  3. Priest/Minister Stole (Knee Panels): $114.95 (list: $125)(#5072)
  4. Deacon Stole (Full Fabric with Tassels): $194.95 (list: $215)(#CWS5006D or CWL5007D)
  5. Deacon Stole (Knee Panels): $144.95 (list: $160)(#5074)
  6. Deacon Stole (Knee Panels with Tassels): $159.95 (list: $180)(#5074)
  7. Chasuble ("Y" Panels): $359.95 (list: $400)(#3075)
  8. Chasuble ("V" Panels): $319.95 (list: $350)(#3076)
  9. Chasuble (Straight Panels): $319.95 (list: $350)(#3077)
  10. Chasuble (Round Neck): $339.95 (list: $375)(#3078)
  11. Chasuble (Border Vestment): $659.95 (list: $725)(#3080)
  12. Dalmatic (Vertical Bands): $479.95 (list: $525)(#3082)
  13. Dalmatic (Vertical & Horizontal Bands): $529.95 (list: $575)(#3084)
  14. Cope (Full Tapestry): $899.95 (list: $985)(#3083)
  15. Cope (Front Panels & Full Hood): $479.95 (list: $525)(#3085)
  16. Cope (Front Panels & Hood with Cross Panels): $589.95 (list: $650)(#3086)
  17. Lectern Scarf: $409.95 (list: $450)(#5050)
  18. Altar Antependia: $679.95 (list: $750)(#5051)
Please indicate your preferences when ordering. If ordering anything but the deacon's stole without tassels, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.
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