ALB H-91 (for Women)(from Murphy Robes)(with free shipping)

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MR: H91

Please be aware that Murphy will be in the process of moving their manufacturing facilities from St. Petersburg, FL to Champaign, IL from June 23 until July 10. NO QUIK-SHIP ITEMS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO SHIP DURING THIS TIMEFRAME!!! Orders we receive during this period will be shipped in order of receipt by Murphy after July 11!

This white Linette Pastor's Alb is tailored exclusively for women and features button and snap closures on the crossover front. Fully cut for ease of movement, this classic alb features a tapered, standing collar, cuffed coat sleeves and right full pocket. A white Cincture Cord is included in the cost of this garment. Women's QS Cassock & Alb Size Chart. To measure sleeve length, bend the arm at the elbow and hold arm out in front, parallel to the floor as if looking at a watch. Then, measure from the center back of the neck at the base of the neck, over the top of the shoulder, around the extended elbow, and down to the wristbone. Record this sleeve size on the Order Form, rounded up to the nearest full inch. Do not round down. A white 4-yard knotted Cincture Cord is included at no extra charge. (Additional cords are available as a liturgical set of red, purple, white, and moss green [$79.95 ($99.80)], or individually [$22.95 ($24.95)] in the above colors plus bright gold, black, maroon and royal blue.).

Murphy's Qwick-Ship® Guarantee of Satisfaction means that if you are not satisfied with any Qwick-Ship item you purchase, you may return it (unused and unworn) for exchange or refund within 10 days of purchase.

Custom albs of this style are available with delivery in 6 to 8 weeks in your choice of sizes, etc. for $199.95 (list: $222)(MR167). Please contact us for more information via our toll free number at 877-432-6745.

Have you considered a Garment Bag or extra-long contour Hanger for your new robe or alb?

Because of the additional weight on this item (5 pounds), shipping on this item will be $15. If ordering more than one item, that will also raise the shipping costs accordingly. Any questions, please call our toll free number.

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