VESTMENTS WITH EMBROIDERED GOLD CROSS (Reversible Stole) from Harbro (with free shipping)

90.00 84.95 On Sale!
HAR: 631

Reversible Stole in White/Green for either priest/minister or deacon (shown left), Chasuble and Dalmatic are available. Prices are as follows:
  1. Priest/minister's Reversible Stole: $124.95 (list: $135)(H631);
  2. Deacon's Reversible Stole: $79.95 (list: $90)(H531);
  3. Chasuble: $169.95 (list: $180)(H831);
  4. Dalmatic (w/o understole): $164.95 (list: $175)(H931D)
  5. Dalmatic (with understole): $194.95 (list: $205)(H931D);
If ordering the Chasuble, Dalmatic or priest's stole, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.

Free ground shipping in the continental US only. If expedited shipping is desired, the free shipping offer does not apply.

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