Corinthian Collection Crosses come in your choice of the three (3) styles described below, with or without Deacon's stoles. If desired, the Deacon's Stoles also come in the three (3) styles noted. These crosses make excellent gifts for clergy as well as lay persons, both men and women, who wish to make a prominent statement about their faith.

Corinth was destroyed and rebuilt by Rome between 40 AD and 68 AD. It was during this renaissance that St. Paul ministered there and established a strong following in Christ. Like the people of Corinth, these crosses signify our spiritual journey with Christ.

It is through the baptismal waters that we begin to share in the death and resurrection of our Lord, through the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Baptismal Cross (shown above) represents us in our imperfection. The Spiritual Cross represents us in our simplicity and humility as we perform our ministries in Christ's name. The Crucified Cross highlights the wounds that Christ suffered for us and that we suffer in our own lives.

The Deacon's stoles which are available for these crosses are representative of a Deacon's ministry in Christ. In its simplicity, the Spartan Stole is as plain and simple as the message we are ordained to deliver. The Metanoian (the Greek word for "change") Stole represents the imperfect beings we are, as pliable as clay, as Christ continually molds us into his image. The Stole could be Trinitarian because it is in the trinity we are baptized, confirmed and ordained into the body of Christ.

Crosses are 1" x 2" and are made of sterling silver. The cost is $79.95. Stoles in your choice of Metanoian, Spartan or Trinitarian designs may also be added (additional $15).

Chains for these crosses are also available as follows:

  1. Deacon's 30" Chain: $48
  2. Deacon's 36" Chain: $50
  3. Wife's 20" Chain: $33
Please indicate your preferences for crosses, stoles and/or chains when ordering. If ordering a cross with a stole, the price will be adjusted when we receive your order but will not be shown on your program-generated receipt. The price of any chains ordered will also not be reflected on this receipt but will be added when we receive your order. You may use the text box provided on the order form if you have any questions.
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