OLD TESTAMENT FOUNDATIONS with Philip Yancey (on CD-ROM)($100)

RW: 79014-5877-1

102 lessons on the Old Testament in two volumes on two CD-ROM's, which are Mac and Windows compatible. Included are:
  1. lessons in audio/visual or text format;
  2. hundreds of "point and click" definitions;
  3. photo tours of key biblical sites;
  4. interactive learning exercises;
  5. summaries for each book of the bible;
  6. audio/visual timeline of OT history;
  7. hundreds of bible facts in question/answer format;
  8. integrated NIV bible study software;
  9. bible background materials;
  10. colorful animated maps;
  11. on-screen notepad;
  12. resource library;
  13. lesson quizzes and a sample final exam;
  14. print and save option for study materials;
  15. 366 daily devotionals; and,
  16. a simple, intuitive navigation.
College and seminary credit available. See the student information section on the CD-ROM.
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