WHAT MAKES US CATHOLIC? by Thomas Groome* ($13.95)

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This book is written for all Catholics, and for anyone interested in the distinct nature of Catholic Christianity. Renowned Catholic educator Thomas Groome has discovered that whether devout or alienated, reformist or traditionalist, lifelong member or newly converted, Catholics share eight distinctive qualities. These include the sense of sacramentality (finding the infinite in the finite), a feeling of community, an appreciation of human potential and fallibility, a concern for justice and the unfortunate, a reverence for tradition, and a conviction that care should have no borders. Ultimately Catholicism is distinguished by its spirituality, says Groome -- a faith-based spirituality that permeates the everyday. When these currents of emphasis flow together, they distinguish the great river of Catholic Christian faith -- they describe what makes Catholics Catholic.What Makes Us Catholic encourages the reader to bring faith to life and life to faith, because that is at the core of what makes people Catholic Christians -- faith at work. Each chapter begins with a story about an essential ingredient of Catholic identity and ends with questions for reflection and suggestions of supporting practices. With ecumenical sensitivity and a voice refreshingly free of. condescension, Groome draws upon the core convictions of contemporary Catholic Christianity and its rich tradition to weave a way of believing that has universal appeal, offering a fresh horizon that nurtures spirituality for all.

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