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Here are twenty-eight real life stories written by people from all walks of life—from inmates in prison to mothers at home—that celebrate God’s unconditional love. These modern-day witnesses proclaim to a skeptical world that God cares about us intimately and never abandons us, even in our darkest hour. God Alone is a testament to a God who is real, a God who works in power in the world today, a God who is with us at all times.

"We often hear the phrase, “Jesus is the answer!” Through the words of timely and touching witnesses, God Alone proves that he is. No matter how great the problem—suicidal depression, drug addiction, a malignant brain tumor, or even a sentence on death row—Christ offers all of us a good tomorrow, and that’s the reason for our hope." - Fr. Tom Forrest, C.Ss.R.; International Director of Evangelization 2000

"A captivating book which exemplifies how God changes lives! The power of faith leaps out in each story as we witness how lives are transformed by our loving Father. Thank you, The Word Among Us and Partners in Evangelism, for gathering these glowing testaments of sacred journey." - Sr. Dolores Chepiga, SSJ; Prison Chaplain, Hagerstown, Maryland
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