LAST JOURNEY (Songs for the Time of Grieving)(from John Bell and Iona Community)($16.95)

GIA: 381

Few recordings have struck a chord as deep and profound as this heart-rendering, yet ultimately uplifting, CD and accompanying book. The Last Journey offers mourners a way to grieve, to search through the struggle before them, and to face their difficult situation with a renewed sense of hope in the Resurrection.

The recording and accompanying reflections book makes a suitable and touching gift for mourners. The four-color, fully illustrated hardcover reflections book contains the texts of the music along with Scripture passages and prayers. The inspiring sound of The Cathedral Singers with soloist Pamela Warrick-Smith makes this a truly unique and touching gift. Includes "Lord Our God, Receive Your Servant", sung as the final commendation at the funeral of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin.

Contents (Individual choral numbers in parentheses. Please call for price info.):

  1. O Christ, You Wept (G-4529)
  2. Who Is There to Understand (G-4528)
  3. Cry to God (G-4530)
  4. How Long, O Lord? (G4531)
  5. Let Your Restless Hearts Be Stilled (G-4532)
  6. O the Lamb (G-4533)
  7. Steal Away (G-4534)
  8. The Last Journey (G-4535/1.20)
  9. Since We Are Summoned (G-4536)
  10. Go, Silent Friend (G-4537)
  11. Lord God, Receive Your Servant (G-4538)
  12. Agnus Dei & Aaronic Blessing (G-4539)
  13. For All the Saints Who've Shown Your Love (G-4540)
  14. In Zion (G-4541)
  15. There Is a Place(G-4542)
  16. Nobody Knows (G-4544).
Available as a CD, cassette or reflection book. If ordering anything other than the CD, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt. Please specify your preference when ordering. Prices are as follows:
  1. CD: $14.95 (list: $16.95)
  2. Cassette: $9.95 (list: $10.95)
  3. Reflection Book: $13.95 (list: $15.95)

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