GRACIOUSLY HEAR US (General Intercessions for the Lectionary) by Neil Draves-Arpaia +

AMP: 0-87793-657-9

Graciously Hear Us is intended for pastors, liturgical planners, and presiders for word or communion services who cannot always "produce from scratch" the petitions for a given liturgy. It is comprised of general intercessions for all three cycles of the liturgical year and composed in light of the scripture readings of the day, giving the assembly a sense of truly praying the word of God. The intercessions span the liturgical seasons of the church year, including Sunday celebrations, solemnities and holy days, and feasts of the Lord. The accompanying computer disk allows for reproduction of the petitions, making Graciously Hear Us an excellent resource for any parish. Each book comes with a computer disk for reproduction of the petitions. The 3 1/2" disk is compatible with PC's, Macs and most word processing programs.

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