MARKS OF THE MAKER by Jan Bush ($9.95)

NRST: 1-896836-09-7

Jan Bush offers readers humorous and inspiring stories that show how a spiritual awareness can brighten even the most ordinary moments. With an unerring ability to see the divine wherever she goes, Bush brings a spiritual resonance to her stories. Every living thing bears the mark of its maker. Excerpts:
  1. "It's hard to understand how folks in the western world ever got separated from the land. I mean, how was it we came to see it as a commodity, something apart from ourselves?"
  2. "The ancient Hebrews have a story they told about how the Maker took a little piece of earth (ha-adamah in Hebrew, humus in English) and created a little earthling (ha-adam in Hebrew, human in English). See, all this time we've been calling the creature by the name of Adam, when its real name was "Clay" or "Dusty." The ancients claim that we are made up of all four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. And I have been taught that wherever these four elements are all found together, we stand in the presence of the sacred."
Jan Bush's experiences are splendidly diverse. She's been a camp director, riding instructor, construction and factory worker, singer, television co-producer, chronic care nurse, peace activist, and minister to prisoners, street people and youth. She now lives in Toronto, where she ministers at Newtonbrook United Church.
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