HOMILIES KIDS CAN SEE by Msgr. Dermot Brennan ($15.95)*

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OSV: 1-931709-04-1

Children these days, says Msgr. Brennan, respond far more to visual images than to words. Give them something to watch — a puppet, a magic trick, even just a flashcard — and they’ll remember the message.

This collection of homilies that have actually been presented to kids of all ages will inspire you with new ideas for reaching out to young minds. An expert magician as well as a successful teacher, Msgr. Brennan shares his simple but amazingly effective techniques, along with the thinking behind them. Thorough and easy-to-understand instructions show you exactly how to do each presentation, step-by-step.

For any priest or deacon who has ever struggled to hold children’s attention, for any teacher who has nearly given up, and for any parent who wonders why the kids won’t listen, this book is a lifesaver.

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