SUNDAY AFTER TUESDAY by William Willimon ($12)

ABG: 0-687-02838-8

The Sunday After Tuesday gives you an opportunity to step onto a number of college campuses and listen in as chaplains, ministers, pastors, and priests first began to address the global issues that rose to crisis proportions on September 11, 2001. In a matter of minutes on a seemingly ordinary day at the beginning of an academic year, college students who had encountered war, if at all, in a textbook or a best seller or a movie found themselves staring war in the face. And young adults, perhaps more than middle or older adults, recognized that their future was profoundly affected. Across the country, immediate reaction on campuses was varied as demonstrations for peace mingled with an all-out willingness to go to war. Over the next week, walk-in traffic doubled at campus counseling centers. These homilies and sermons, written in the context of September 11 and directed to the 18- to 22-year-olds who worshiped in college communities shortly afterward, attempt to relate the Christian faith to the events of the week. They will give us food for thought and discussion and a sense of being there with young adults who were just beginning to realize that their generation might pay the ultimate price as world events unfold.
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