BEGINNING YOUR MARRIAGE by John L. Thomas ($6.95)*

ACTA: 0915388243

The best resource available for marriage preparation just got better. Written in a breezy, accessible, insightful style, Beginning Your Marriage is presently used by Catholic dioceses and parishes throughout the world as the basic resource for marriage preparation.

Beginning Your Marriage is an insightful, comprehensive presentation of the important issues and critical life skills that contribute to a successful, long lasting marriage. The all-important topics of Love, Fidelity, Relationship Building. Communication, Sexuality and Sensuality, Parenting, Religion and Spirituality, Finances, and Commitment are each given careful consideration. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter help a couple focus their understanding of these issues. Beginning Your Marriage is written from a Catholic perspective with a special sensitivity toward other religious traditions. The Ninth Edition of this classic marriage preparation and enrichment resource pays special attention to contemporary social and religious concerns, including interfaith marriage. Engaged couples, students in family life courses and newly married couples have all used this book to deepen their appreciation of marriage and the richness of life that is possible for a husband and wife who truly love each other.

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