PHILIPPIANS AND GALATIANS (Interpretation Bible Study) by Stanley Saunders *

WJK: 0-664-50102-8

The letters to the Philippian and Galatian congregations illustrate well the passion and intensity of Paulís writing. Philippians is perhaps Paulís warmest letter, affirming his close relationship with them, using the language of partnership, joy, and humility. Galatians, though, reveals frustration and anger and lacks the expression of thanksgiving typically found near the beginning of Paulís letters. Together these letters provide a compelling portrait of a complex original thinker who probably was the most significant missionary of his day, a theologian and social critic of rare power and insight whose legacy continues today to spark heated debate. Yet if we can catch even a little of Paulís vision, we are likely to be transformed. We may find ourselves called, like Paul himself, to a fresh vision of what God is doing in the world and to participation in the crucified body of Christ.

Stanley P. Saunders is Associate Professor of New Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. To view the Leader's Guide for the Philippians/Galatians lessons, click here.

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