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Table of Contents
General bibliographyxix
1.The Title1
2.Division and Characteristics4
3.Redaction of the 'Main Body'5
5.Text and Translations12
Part 1Traditions on the Conquest (1.1-2.5)15
Part 2The 'Main Body' of the Book (2.6-16.31)35
2.6-3.6 The Deuteronomistic Introduction37
3.7-11 The Judge Othniel45
3.2-30 The Judge Ehud48
3.31 Shamgar ben Anath57
4-5 Deborah and Barak as Judges60
(a)Chapter 460
(b)Chapter 579
6-8 Gideon102
(i)The Calling and Mission of Gideon (ch. 6)109
(a)The Midianite oppression (6.1-10)109
(b)Gideon and the altar at Ophrah (6.11-24)113
(c)Gideon destroys the sanctuary of Baal at Ophrah (6.25-32)122
(d)The call to arms against Midian (6.33-35)129
(e)The test of the fleece (6.36-40)131
(ii)Campaign in Cisjordan (7.1-8.3)134
(a)The troops of the tribal league and the three hundred Abiezrites (7.1-8)134
(b)Favourable omens (7.9-15)140
(c)The attack (7.16-22)142
(d)The capture of two princes of Midian (7.23-8.3)146
(iii)Campaign in Transjordan (8.4-35)148
(a)Gideon in Transjordan (8.4-12)148
(b)Gideon's feud and vendetta (8.13-21)153
(c)Anti-monarchical epilogue (8.22-32)157
(d)Conclusion (8.33-35)161
9.1-57 The Reign of Abimelech162
(a)Abimelech becomes king (9.1-6)166
(b)Jotham's apologue (9.7, 8-15)171
(c)Jotham's speech (9.[7] 16-21)171
(d)First difficulties between Abimelech and the men of Shechem (9.22-25)179
(e)Gaal's conspiracy (9.26-29)183
(f)Abimelech's first campaign (9.30-41)186
(g)The second campaign and the destruction of Shechem (9.42-45)190
(h)The destruction of the 'Tower of Shechem' (9.46-49)191
(i)The death of Abimelech (9.50-55)193
(j)Final comments (9.56f.)193
10.1-5 The First List of 'Minor' Judges195
10.6-12.7 Jephthah201
(a)Prologue: Deuteronomistic introduction (10.6-18)201
(b)The appointment of Jephthah (10.17-11.11)203
(c)The delegation to the Ammonites (11.12-28)208
(d)Jephthah's vow (11.29-40)213
(e)The civil war between Gideon and Ephraim (12.1-7)219
12.8-15 The Second List of 'Minor' Judges223
13-16 Samson225
(a)The miraculous birth (ch. 13)232
(b)Samson's first wedding (ch. 14)237
(c)Samson, incendiary and warrior (ch. 15)244
(d)Other exploits and the death of Samson (ch. 16)250
Part 3Appendix on Various Themes (chs. 17-21)261
17-18 The Migration of Dan and the Origins of its Sanctuary264
(a)Micah's idol (17.1-6)264
(b)The levite, Micah's priest (17.7-13)266
(c)The Danites explore (18.1-7)270
(d)The beginning of the Danite migration (18.8-13)273
(e)The capture of Micah's image (18.14-21)274
(f)Micah's reaction (18.22-26)275
(g)The capture of Laish (18.27-31)275
19-21 The Civil War against Benjamin279
(a)The levite and his concubine (19.1-9)283
(b)The arrival at Gibeah (19.10-21)285
(c)The outrage of the Gibeonites (19.22-28)287
(d)The publicity given to the outrage (19.29f.)289
(e)The assembly of the tribes of Israel (20.1-11)289
(f)The demands made on the Benjaminites (20.12-17)291
(g)The first two battles and defeats (20.18-28)292
(h)The third battle and the Israelite victory (20.29-48)293
(i)Women of Jabesh for Benjamin (21.1-14)297
(j)The rape of the women of Shiloh (21.15-25)298

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