LET THE SCRIPTURES SPEAK (Year A) by Dennis Hamm, SJ ($11.95)*

LP: 0-8146-2555-X

Realizing that the toughest challenge facing most people at Mass is to hear the Sunday readings afresh and with understanding, Dennis Hamm, SJ, helps preachers and worshipers discover the meaning of the Scriptures today in Let the Scriptures Speak. The commentaries in Let the Scriptures Speak first appeared as a popular weekly column in America.

Hamm offers an approach that differs from other commentaries by focusing on three dimensions of the readings' original context. First, he considers the full document from which a particular Lectionary selection is taken. Second, Hamm examines the background in the Hebrew Bible that the authors presume on the part of their readers. Third, he considers the historical setting and adds to the understanding of the reading. Rather than reflecting on all three readings, Hamm cites each but only reflects on the one whose message he develops.

Knowing that no one can write another's homilies or pray their prayers, Hamm sheds light on the Sunday readings in order to help others preach and pray.

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