9/11: MEDITATIONS AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD by Eugene Kennedy ($10)

ORB: 1-57075-445-4

Eugene Kennedy brings spiritual understanding to the defining event of our time.

"Kennedy goes where our own hearts have led us since we first saw the pictures and heard the stories: to that place inside ourselves where anguish lodges and teaches us to treasure our own blessings.”—Anna Quindlen, from the Foreword.

He shows us sacrament where others see rubble, gratitude where we thought was only despair, love in sorrow, and grace everywhere. 9-11: Meditations at the Center of the World is a book unlike any other for it recognizes and blesses the pain of being human.

“Manhattan has been washed in the blood of the lamb,” writes Kennedy, “and Ground Zero is sacred because its ruins are imbued with the mystery of the lives that were lived there. This is our century’s Titanic, this shipwrecked vessel from whose passengers, crew and rescuers we learn more every day about what makes anything sacred. How could we miss it? How can we not eat and drink of this profound sacrament?” Foreword by Anna Quindlen. Includes 15 black & white photos.
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