MORE LASTING UNIONS by Stephen G. Post ($20)+

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A powerful reassertion of the social and spiritual significance of marriage and the family.

Many recent social theorists maintain that marriage and the nuclear family are not particularly important to the fabric of our culture. In this powerful refutation, grounded in both Christian teaching and social-science data, Stephen G. Post asserts that the bonds of marriage and family are fundamental to our social and spiritual well-being. Unique in the field for its wide treatment of relevant issues, More Lasting Unions also takes up these important topics:

  1. the special needs of children and of aging parents;
  2. adoption as an alternative way of family building;
  3. the perils of family self-indulgence and consumerism;
  4. balancing family commitments and concern for neighbors.

"Those who think that marriage and family have lost their impact on individuals in particular and society in general will be challenged by Post's detailed, thorough examination of history and current demographic trends. Post (The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease and Spheres of Love: Toward a New Ethics of the Family) is professor of religion, philosophy and biomedical ethics at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. In seven chapters, Post reviews the positive effects strong nuclear families have on society. Specifically, the author discusses marriage and family in relation to Jesus' teaching, the spiritual value of families, the importance of adoption, intensive family care-giving for the ill and elderly and the impact of loving all of humanity unconditionally. Each topic is addressed from a prophetic, ethical standpoint, reflecting Post's belief that love and justice must actively be employed to care for the neediest people. Post shares some basic principles for developing healthy, strong families: place children's needs first, practice monogamy faithfully and behave with equal regard toward all family members. Citing studies and statistics on family welfare, he reveals the high cost of centering life around the exclusive goal of meeting one's own needs and argues that poverty, crime, teen pregnancies and child abuse result when families lose their strength and solidarity. General readers and professionals alike will find this book, which effectively reinforces the importance of families in today's society, both enlightening and instructive." - Publishers Weekly (May) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|

For more discussion of this title, please see Forming a Family by Adrian Thatcher.

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