REST YOUR DREAMS ON A LITTLE TWIG by Joyce Rupp & Barbara Loomis ($14.95)

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Joyce Rupp has gently guided thousands toward a deeper understanding of personal and universal spiritual truths. Now, in her first collection of poetry, Rupp shares her own awakening to the spiritual realities in nature, affirming the inner journey and challenging the way we live our lives. She encourages us to trust our own fragile dreams for inner growth—just as a bird rests itself on a small twig and trusts it for support.

"Readers have been asking what my next book will be. I am happy to announce that I have a collection of poems that has just been released. This collection is published by Sorin Books.

"The poems sort of wrote themselves. In the early 90's, over a period of about three years, I deliberately and regularly focused on some aspect of nature, trying to simply be present to it, to see what message I might receive from what I observed. As I did so, these simple, yet profound, connections with life kept arising. As I wrote them down they just naturally moved into a poetic form. Two years ago I returned to the poems and edited them. I then gave the sixty five poems to an artist friend, Barb Loomis, who created beautiful mandala-type prints to go with each poem.

"Almost every poem has something to do with what was stirring within me. Observing nature helped me name these 'stirrings.' While I did not intend this at the time I wrote the poems, three themes of the heart seemed to naturally show themselves: dreams of growth, for inner freedom and for peace. I think that these dreams of growth, inner freedom and peace are tucked away in the heart of every person. We do not always recognize these longings within us but they are consistently there. Thus it is my hope that anyone seeking to find greater meaning or to be affirmed in their own joys and sorrows will find a home in these poems." - Joyce Rupp

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