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Enjoy Your Precious Life is the third volume of Father Catoir's popular trilogy of books on joy. The series was written to help Christians understand that they have a vocation and a duty to live life joyfully. Spiritual Joy is Joy with a capital "J." It is a pervasive and lasting awareness of God's life in us. As such, it is something the world cannot give. At the same time, it is an experience meant for all those who believe. How we grow in joy during times of doubt, fear, guilt and suffering are covered in Part One. Part Two suggests ways to pray for this joy. In Part Three we are shown how we can claim Christ's joy for our own through faith and will-training. It is the author's prayer that the reader will experience in the pages of this work a real sense of God's abiding presence with his gifts of love, peace, and especially joy.

Former Director of The Christophers (1978-1995), manager for three years of Eva's Village (a poverty program in Paterson, New Jersey which feeds over 700 persons daily), and Founder of St. Jude's Media Ministry which from 1995 to the present has aired on 1025 stations from Maine to Hawaii, Father John T. Catoir has dedicated the better part of his priestly ministry to using the mass media of communications (Press: countless magazine articles, weekly newpaper columns, nearly a dozen books on practical approaches to spirituality; Television: Christopher Closeups and various TV spots; as well as Radio) to encourage people of all faiths and no particular faith to believe in their ability to change themselves and the world for the better with the help of God. This is his seventh book for Alba House. His other titles include: God Delights in You, Dios Se Complace en Ti, Enjoy the Lord, Where Do You Stand With the Church?, World Religions and Stations of the Cross for the New Millennium.


"Life and Joy: You have a right and an obligation to be joyful. Father John T. Catoir, JCD, former director of the Christophers and founder of St. Jude's Media Ministry, says that we all have an obligation to Joy -- that's Spiritual Joy with a capital J. He explores how to get well on the way in "Enjoy Your Precious Life: Spiritual Joy through Faith and Will Training." By constantly working toward greater Joy -- which he defines as God's life abiding within you -- we are fulfilling our reason for being and making the world a better place for everyone. Joy is something that needs work and attention, but can grow through difficulty, doubt, grief and sorrow as well as in calm and pleasant times. "We are more fully in harmony with the mind of Christ when we carry out His mission on earth," he says. Even through difficulties, we can maintain our growth because "Joy is rooted in God's love, so you won't have to worry about your mood swings because God's love never changes." Maybe easier said than done, but this book helps readers find ways to grow in Joy: pray for Joy; and train your will to claim that Joy." --Crux of the News, March 24, 2003

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