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God is always there, always waiting for our invitation to come in. Yet sometimes we need help hearing the knock at the door, putting some time aside, or beginning the conversation. In this collection of scriptural reflections and prayers, Joyce Rupp offers us the encouragement we so often require to stop and pray. Her thoughtful, perceptive reflections on scripture guide us as we open our hearts and ponder the meaning of God?s word in our lives. And her poetic personal prayers help us find words for the longings in our hearts.

Inviting God In is organized according to the seasons of the church year, from Advent and Christmas, to Lent and Easter, and on through the days of Ordinary Time and particular festivals. Each entry is just one page long, beginning with a verse from scripture followed by a reflection and a prayer. The book begins with an insightful reflection on prayer as ?God?s Gift to Us,? reminding us of those basic truths about prayer that are sometimes easy to forget.

One of our best-loved spiritual writers, Joyce Rupp once again sets just the right tone to invite us to pray.

Thoughts from the Author

Ten years ago I was invited to write mediations for Living Faith. Every three months I was assigned to reflect on specific scripture readings for five days of the liturgical season. I never knew what passages I would be given until I opened the envelope. Soon after the letter arrived, I would sit down with my Bible and begin to read and reflect on these passages. Each time I did so, it felt to me as though I was opening the door of my life and inviting God to come in and be present with me.

...Whenever we take time to pray with the scripture of the day it is like coming to the table of the Holy One. When we deliberately pause to nourish our spirit, we are saying by our actions that we desire spiritual growth. I know God is already present with us but we are not always present to God. So when we turn our minds and hearts to intentionally connect with the divine Presence, we are welcoming the One who is waiting to enrich us and gift us with growth.

What you find in this book is the result of those many times of inviting God to be with me as I pondered the scriptures. The meditations have all been published in Living Faith. As I edited the meditations and added or expanded the accompanying prayers, I thought of how this book could be of benefit. Hopefully it will be read and prayed by individuals who are seeking to nurture their daily life. It could also serve as a catalyst for those preparing worship services and other prayer experiences. May what is contained here be a source of inspiration and a support for all who invite God into their lives. - Joyce Rupp

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