LET ME SOW LOVE (Living the Peace Prayer of St. Francis) by James Adams ($10.95)

AMP: 0-87793-989-6

Take another look at the treasured Peace Prayer of St. Francis. Let Me Sow Love opens the beloved Peace Prayer of St. Francis line by line in a fresh new way. Author James Adams weaves scripture and reflections to highlight the themes of St. Francis, with questions to guide the reader in quiet prayer. He offers us a new way of seeing things, a new experience of peace, a fresh perspective on love.

Ideally suited for today’s busy lives, the sections of the book are short enough to be read at any time during an active day. Lively and accessible, Let Me Sow Love offers a quick respite, an opportunity to direct one’s attention to God and to let the words, concepts, and images of St. Francis shape your day and bring you peace.

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