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So what's so bad about being a common caterpillar? Just ask Hermie-or his friend, Wormie-and they'll tell you. No splashy stripes. No stand-out spots. Not even a cool house like the snail or super-strength like the ant. Compared to the rest of Godís beautiful creation, they just feel ordinary. Unimportant. A little out of place. But God sees past their plainness, and plans an incredible surprise to show them just how special they are.

Featuring the voices of Tim Conway as Hermie and Don Knotts as Wormie, these caterpillars encounter a host of delightful characters and quickly wriggle their way into the hearts of young and old alike. But as the animation engages young minds, the truth of God's purpose and plan for His people touches their souls. It's a message of hope you'll want your kids to hear, and a fun-filled adventure that will keep them crawling back for more.

Available as a DVD, VHS, picture book or board book. If ordering the VHS or either book, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-genereted receipt. Prices are as follows:

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  4. Board Book: $5.95 (list: $6.99)(#126-2)

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