VIRTUES AND VICES: Stories of the Moral Life by Andrew Greeley & Jacob Neusner ($16.95)*

WJK: 0-664-22113-0

Inspired by scripture and oral tradition, each author (one a Catholic priest and the other a conservative Jewish rabbi) presents a story on each of th seven deadly sins (pride, covetousness, lust, anger, envy, sloth and gluttony) and then offers a story on each of the seven primary virtues (faith, hope, charity, justice, temperance, fortitude and prudence).

Greeley and Neusner turn to their respective scriptures to shed light on the human predicament. Neusner uses the oral Torah, while Greeley gives us key Gospel passages and his own homiletic reflections. Each vivid story offers profound insights into the ongoing battle of good and evil. These stories are full of problematic situations we will recognize immediately and they will lead us to consider how we too might overcome the temptation of sin in our everyday lives.

Theologian Mary Greeley Durkin has written the introduction and conclusion.

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