SHARE MY LONESOME VALLEY: The Slow Grief of Long-Term Care by Doug Manning ($8.95)*

INS: 1-892785-33-1

ALS, Alzheimer's Disease, AIDS, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson's Disease...the alphabet list of terminal or debilitating diseases could go on and on.

The one thing that all of these diseases have in common is that almost every patient suffering from one of these diseases has a person who is acting as a primary caregiver.

Long-term care means that the caregiver is busy, overwhelmed and tired, with very little opportunity to grieve the gradual losses that take place every day. This takes a toll on the caregiver, the family, the patient and, ultimately, determines how well the caregiver faces this grief after the death.

Doug outlines the dangers and pitfalls and gently provides opportunities for the caregiver to recognize, realize and reconcile the 'quiet sorrows' that make this type of caregiving such a difficult task.

A "must buy" for hospice, care facilities, support groups or ministries.

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