INSIDE THE FENCE: A Handbook for Prison Ministry by David Schilder ($12.95)*

ALBA: 0-8189-0855-6

When Jesus sent his disciples forth to bring his healing message to those who needed to hear it most, he didn't want them to be under any illusions as to what they might expect. Moments of exhilaration and joy would be tempered by the harsh reality of opposition, criticism and rejection on the part of some. Father Schilder is equally candid about the rewards and the difficulties attached to ministry in a modern day prison setting. Servant, priest, teacher, administrator, mediator, reconciler, counselor, prophet, poet, recruiter and coordinator are just some of the hats the prison minister must wear. He or she must be extraordinarily resilient, tactful, patient, kind and firm, respectful and forgiving. Inmates and their relatives, staff, administrators, other ministers and volunteers all require the services of the prison chaplain in one way or another and at one time or another. This book provides some valuable tips to assist those in this very special ministry.

Father David M. Schilder has spent eighteen years as a chaplain in two state prisons, most recently at the Orient Correctional Institution in Orient, Ohio, and is presently beginning to work in the federal prison system. Ordained in 1968 for the Diocese of Columbus, he has also been involved in Honor Camps, Ministry-in-Context programs with seminarians from Central Ohio, and from 1976-1985 was a consultant to the Director of Chaplaincy Services for the State of Ohio.

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