AMAZING GRACE FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER by Jeff Cavins & Matthew Pinto ($12.99)*

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Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer is the most compelling collection of stories of Catholics who have endured suffering or adversity in their lives and who have discovered hope and healing through God's amazing grace. The ten stories within this book will make you laugh, make you cry, and will inspire you to a deeper faith in Christ and the amazing grace he offers each of us everyday.

Edited by Jeff Cavins and Matthew Pinto, Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer is the perfect book for friends or family members who are going through difficult challenges or who have suffered a great loss.

Here are synopses of the ten stories you'll find within these pages:

Carl Cleveland had it all. Wealth. Love. Success.
Then the FBI showed up.

A dedicated Catholic deacon and renowned New Orleans lawyer, Carl Cleveland had everything in life - a loving, close-knit family. Six beautiful daughters. Friends, partners, prestige.

Then his world caved in. Out of the blue, he faced obscure legal charges. He was innocent, but the deck was stacked. His sentence: 10 years in prison.

In Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer, Carl Cleveland relates his riveting tale -- a story of three grueling years in prison where he was sustained by constant prayer. And ending in joyful victory - an appeal that would prove to be the fastest handed down in Supreme Court history.

She survived the childhood abuse.
But could she survive the memories?

When Peggy Stoks was only eight, her grandfather molested her. It was the first of many times. And it completely shattered her.

Soon, she learned to bury her pain beneath outward success. Then one day, through God's amazing grace, she confronted her dreadful memories. And found healing she'd never dreamed of.

Grace blamed God for her disability.
Until He showed her its purpose.

Crippled from birth, Grace MacKinnon faced constant struggles. In her emotional pain, she blamed God. But when she finally gave her heart to Him, she discovered His boundless love and found her true mission in life.

Discover how this woman of courage and fortitude embraced her disability and transformed into a powerful witness of God's amazing grace - and how she is blessing Catholics throughout the country with her faith.

At 6:00 a.m., their daughter left for her paper route.
They never saw her alive again.

Mike and Kathie Clarey suffered the worst trauma any parent can endure. Their beloved 11-year-old daughter was brutally murdered.

In the days that followed, the Clareys were numb with grief. Yet in the midst of their pain, they experienced God's amazing grace. And while the suffering didn't go away, it became a source of deep peace as Our Lord brought good out of evil.

She has nine children.
And she's never rocked them to sleep.

Debbie and her husband have suffered eight miscarriages. With the last one, they lost twins. Debbie has severe endometriosis, among other serious ailments. Sometimes, she's in such pain she cannot even sit up.

Yet Debbie lives in grace-filled union with God, joyfully offering her suffering for the salvation of souls. How does she do it? You'll discover her seven grace-filled secrets for dealing with her suffering in Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer.

For years, he endured amazing pain.
Yet he endured because of amazing grace.

He was a prominent evangelical Protestant theologian. A leader, teacher, author. Yet whenever a migraine struck, Thomas Howard was helpless. Often he lay curled in fetal position, shaken with pain and nausea.

Through the years, he tried remedy after remedy. Each worked for a while, then lost effectiveness. Yet Tom kept trusting the Lord. And once he'd become a Catholic, he discovered a priceless new treasure: the redemptive value of suffering.

Today, relieved by new medication, Thomas Howard explores the problem of pain. And discovers a transcendent answer: our union with Jesus Crucified.

A rogue wave drowned her husband and daughter.
But then God's grace revived her spirit.

Janet Moylan will always remember August 1, 1996 - the day her beloved husband and her precious 10-year-old daughter died in a freak drowning accident.

Since then, Janet has kept constantly busy raising her four other children. But the memories won't go away. And neither will the searing heartache.

Yet amid her pain, Janet has discovered the consolations of Christ. Through faith and family, she has seen God bring boundless good out of tragedy.

She had a fairy-tale life that became a horror story.
But God's grace would eventually prevail.

During college, Debbie Harding lived a fairy-tale life as a cheerleader for the New England Patriots. Six years later, she was married to a substance abuser struggling to escape addiction. The fairy tale was over.

Deeply committed to her Catholic faith, she begged Jesus for strength to go on. She needed it. A decade later, she discovered a lump in her breast.

How did this 30-something mother of three meet the challenge of cancer? You'll find out in Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer.

You'll also be introduced to:

Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer is now available! You'll read about men and women like yourself who have suffered harrowing hardship and found Christ's peace in the midst of their pain. You'll be enthralled, inspired and transformed by God's amazing grace.

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