ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SAINTS (Revised Edition)($39.95)+

OSV: 1-931709-75-0

Since it was first published, this has been one of our most popular reference books. Now it’s thoroughly up-to-date, including all the saints most recently canonized and beatified by Pope John Paul II. No other book gives you so much information about so many saints, all in alphabetical order.

Are you looking for inspiring stories? Do you want to know more about your patron saint? Here in one giant volume are the lives of hundreds of saints, famous and obscure — stories you can browse through for hours. From the Apostles to St. Pio of Pietrelcina, you’ll find holy men and women — children, too — from every time and every place. Some were kings. Some were slaves. Many were ordinary people, just like us. Some died as martyrs; some died of old age in their beds. But all lived outstandingly holy lives. Our Sunday Visitor’s Encyclopedia of Saints is simply the “most comprehensive guide ever published on the saints,” as one critic put it. For families, schools, and parishes, this book is an essential reference you’ll want to keep close by. Hardcover, 1,008 pages, illustrated.

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