NEW NATIONAL BAPTIST HYMNAL (or 21st Century Hymnal)($13.95)+

RHB: 0-9675029

Available in your choice of red, blue, loose-leaf white or black leather editions. Also available in black hardcover or black looseleaf generic hymnal. Please indicate your preference when ordering. Prices are as follows:
  1. Red Hardcover: $12.95 (list: $13.95)
  2. Red Hardcover: $10.95 (list: $13.95)(orders of 201+)
  3. Blue Hardcover: $12.95 (list: $13.95)
  4. Blue Hardcover: $10.95 (list: $13.95)(orders of 201+)
  5. Black Hardcover (Generic Hymnal): $11.95 (list: $12.95)
  6. Black Hardcover (Generic Hymnal): $10.95 (list: $12.95)(orders of 201+)
  7. White Looseleaf: $15.95 (list: $18.95)
  8. Black Looseleaf (Generic Hymnal): $15.95 (list: $18.95)
  9. Black Leather: $24.95 (list: $28.95)
If ordering the white or black looseleaf editions or the black leather, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.

This item does not qualify for free shipping. However, normal shipping applies and there is never a surcharge.

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