VESTMENTS WITH BROCADE BANDING from MDS (with free shipping)

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MDS: 2000

A complete set of vestments with Brocade Banding and Pure Silk piping and cowl-neck collar are available from MDS. Also available in all Polyester. This includes the following:
  1. Chasuble (Silk/Poly): $309.95 (list: $340)(#2000S/CH)
  2. Chasuble (Poly Only): $289.95 (list: $310)(#2000CH)
  3. Dalmatic (Silk/Poly): $289.95 (list: $320)(#2000S/D)
  4. Dalmatic (Poly Only): $269.95 (list: $300)(#2000D)
  5. Overlay Stole: $129.95 (list: $140)(#2000/OS)
  6. Deacon's Stole: $129.95 (list: $140)(#2000/DS)
  7. Cope (Silk/Poly): $389.95 (list: $425)(#2000S/CO)
  8. Cope (Poly Only): $369.95 (list: $400)(#2000CO)
  9. Humeral Veil (Silk/Poly): $259.95 (list: $275)(#2000S/V)
  10. Humeral Veil (Poly Only): $229.95 (list: $245)(#2000V)
  11. Pall (Silk/Poly): $309.95 (list: $340)(#2000S/P)
  12. Pall (Poly Only): $279.95 (list: $300)(#2000P)
  13. Altar Frontal (Silk/Poly): $179.95 (list: $200)(#2000S/AF)
  14. Altar Frontal (Poly Only): $159.95 (list: $175)(#2000AF)
  15. Lectern Cover (Silk/Poly): $179.95 (list: $190)(#2000S/LC)
  16. Lectern Cover (Poly Only): $139.95 (list: $150)(#2000LC)
Colors available are Ivory (shown left), Hunter Green, Kelly Green (shown on #420 design), Purple or Red. Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering more than one item, please order each separately or use the text box provided on the order form. If ordering anything other than the stoles, the price will be adjusted upon receipt or your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.
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