IT WAS A MIRACLE by Kamila Blessing ($11.99)*

AUGS: 0-8066-3732-3

In her opening chapter, Blessing unfolds her compelling personal experiences with prayer and healing and sets forth a solid biblical understanding of salvation as total healing and wholeness. She concludes her introduction with the words, "There is no doubt Jesus did heal; there is no doubt that he commissioned his followers to do the same; there is also no doubt that you are invited to ask for healing."

Each successive chapter brings that experience of salvation into today's world. Drawing from her years as a pastor and therapist, she narrates marvelous stories of how God is bringing healing miracles to her life and to the lives of persons she encounters. At the end of each chapter, Blessing suggests ways readers can seek God's healing power for their own lives.

"Convincing real-life examples of God's healing power in almost all crises we face in our lifetime . . . Full of helpful, practical suggestions to assist readers in inviting God's healing presence into their own lives . . . Powerfully documents the Gospel message that Jesus came to save us mentally, physically, and spiritually." -- The Rt. Rev. Robert C. Johnson, Jr., Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina

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